I have always considered accessories to be THE essential detail that makes the difference in an outfit. Developing my own brand, my vision was obvious …

The accessories

Armance and Apolline accessories are unique creations that I make in my workshop in the heart of Paris. My favorite materials are natural and wild silks, wools, linens, which I adapt, working according to the seasons.

I am from the Vosges in France, a textile land, the cradle of linen fabric manufacture.

After higher education and my beginnings in a professional life, I moved to Paris where I held various positions in the service sector.

Four years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone by quitting the corporate world to become a craftsman. I felt the need for independence, combined with my passion to be an entrepreneur in an area that had fascinated me for many years.

I decided to work with fabrics and express my own creativity by designing fashion accessories. Sewing, materials, it is above all for me the transmission of family knowledge.

Two years of art history studies sharpened my expertise for the design and painting that animate the spirit of each creation. I walk, explore and find fabrics that allow me to compose the subtle nuances of my models.

I also find inspiration in travel. They open me up to other cultures, make me discover different creative breaths. I then project myself on the basis of new influences and give free rein to my creativity.